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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Locavore Meal

Yesterday Eugene and I did what we do every Tuesday afternoon from may through the end of October, we went to the Tuesday Farmers Market in Oxford, Ohio in order to sell produce. Unlike most Tuesdays, we were invited to a our friend's, the McKinstry's, after market which meant eating some dinner at market. Normally this would mean purchasing food from one of the eateries uptown but since we had eaten fast food in the past 24 hours we really did not want to eat more (we try to limit our ingestion of such poisons to once a month or so-I know, I know, we should limit it to never but hey, we are Americans after all, and even though we love to eat well grown local food sometimes that ain't happening). So we created a nice light meal from local foods found at the Tuesday market. Pia Terranova had matzos and hummus. Debra Bowles had goat cheese and we had lettuce. So that was dinner-matzo topped with hummus, deer tongue lettuce (that had seen better days) and goat cheese (which I bartered greens for). It was deelish and a totally seasonal locavore meal eaten at a locavore market.

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