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Thursday, May 08, 2008

St Alphonso's Coming Soon

I see from my stat counter I am getting a lot of traffic from folk seeking info about St Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast near Oxford, OH. This will be the 30th year for this fantastic party and it will be the 25th time I have gone. I don't believe there is anyone left who has gone to all 30. Geoff Georgiady had the record at something like 27 but missed the 28th edition due to bad health and had died by the time the 29th rolled around. The party just ain't quite the same without Gorg.

I will be there in the big white Boulder Belt Farm van and may even have some veggies to sell if we don't sell out at the Oxford Saturday Farmers market we will be doing right before we go out to Hannon's Camp America for the event. Than again I may elect to wander around all day socializing with friends old and new

See y'all the 17th, I'll be the one wearing the 2008 edition of the T-shirt.


valereee said...

Wow, thirty years. I started at Miami in 1978, so I guess that must have been the first year of St Alphonso's. I'm not sure how many I attended -- certainly no more than three, though!

Lucy said...

The first one was on N Elm St in a de-sanctified church that was rented by Dan Sell, an albino keyboard player. I was not there as I was still in High school but I did know a lot of people who went to that first Alphonso's.

At that party people were told to bring white shirts and at the party they silk screened their own St Alphonso's shirt. My friend Scott still wears his to the party. After that they designed a T-shirt and printed them up the night before the party and sold them at the party to raise money to cover the beer and electric for the bands. Eventually they farmed out the T-shirt printing to a local silk screen print company because it was too much to print up 1000+ shirts in 24 hours by hand.

My first was the 5th Alphonso's out on Brown Road at the farm house where Pete McCarthy lived. He went on to run the next 20 or so Alphonso's. Though never again at that location (I believe he and his roommates were all evicted because they held the party).

joeb said...

I wonder if that church is 219 n Elm, cause I live there now. My first breakfast was 86/last 96?
I somehow ended up back in O-town

Lucy said...

Joeb, if that is N. Elm and Vine, than yes it is.