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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Weather Cancelled our Market

Did not make it to the Tuesday market today. there were severe thunderstorm warnings for Oxford at 3:45 and we decided that it would not be worth the risk to go. Though now i see it is getting sunny. If you were expecting us we are sorry but we really did not want to risk having our equipment destroyed in high winds.

It's a shame too, as we have a lot of produce to sell and no market for it. the strawberries and spinach have been coming in strong the past few days and we have a lot of both along with lettuce & spring mix

I guess I will have to make the excess strawberries into jam this evening. Than I will have jam to sell at the store later this week. Jam is always a good seller for us

1 comment:

OhioMom said...

Still waiting on strawberries up here, I am so jealous :)