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Friday, August 08, 2008

127 Yard Sale Day 2

wif9am in the morning crowds are coming in and buying stuff

Pete setting up his smoker

A rare picture of me womanning the store (I'm usually taking the pictures but got Eugene to snap one of me)

We had the first customer of the day at 7:30am looking at knives while Jules got ready for the day. Pete of Adam's Rib showed up a bit after 8 to get his smoker stoked and ready than left as he had other commitments today. Later on his wife Beth showed up to sell BBQ to the masses. I had a good time talking to her and her son Christopher throughout the day.

The traffic was fast and furious for the first hour and than slowed down for the rest of the day. it was busy and our sales were up over yesterday both with produce and yard sale items. But we got maybe 700 people through and not 1000+ like yesterday.

I sold a lot of crap that has gone through this sale the past 2 years. the digital camera is gone, the stereo equipment is gone. A glass light globe is gone (but we still have several more to sell), the partial set of tea cups my mother gave me about 15 years ago is gone. The lace and crochet items I picked at an auction a long time ago are gone. Sold a lot of produce as well.

After we closed up for the evening I pick some beans and Eugene harvested water melons, carrots and potatoes

All in all a good day. Now it is time to commune over dinner and drinks with some of the other vendors

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Stitchwhiz said...

Hi Lucy,
I just surfed onto your blog. Like your listing of the 12 reasons to buy local and organic. I know Route 127 quite well driving back and forth from home in Columbus to Miami U in the early 70's for college. The yard sale looks nice, maybe I'll get there one of these years. Cheers!