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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fall Garden Pix

The battery in my camera said it was dying so I figured a few shots should kill it and than I could replace it with a fresh battery. Well, after about 75 shots (many using the flash) the battery is still not dead. Here are just a few of the pictures I took whist trying to kill the battery yesterday evening.

Leeks, a hoop house full of melons and zucchini, leafy greens under the covers

As regular readers know we do a lot of season extension. here we have row covers and a hoop house that we have put up in the last 10 days. the hoop house is protecting melons and zukes which will be gone by the end of December (probably earlier than that) and than the hoop house will be moved over top of the leeks next to it. the row covers are covering things like spring mix and carrots. more for protection from pests and to keep the moisture in the soil (it has been very very dry here for the past 3 months. yesterday we got our first rain in over 3 weeks) than cold proection. Hoop houses will eventually go over the carrots and some of the spring mix beds (but not the one to the left of the leeks as it will be history by the time it would need such protection)

Lincoln Leeks, what we are harvesting at the moment. When you buy Boulder belt leeks they are nice and clean. They do not start out that way. when they are harvested they are covered with soil and have a lot of dead brown leaves on them that have to be removed.

King Sieg leeks. These will be used for winter harvest. At some point they will be covered by a hoop house so they thrive (not just survive) all winter.

Fall sugar snap peas, just about ready to harvest.

The sun sets on the garden

Nate (blonde), Arlo (black) and Danny (blonde out in front) heading home. Actually, they are hoping I am heading home and not about to do something that would prevent me from going to the house and letting the dogs in so they all take naps indoors. Unfortunately for them the camera batteries did not die after this shot so I continued taking more pictures as it got darker and darker. the cover next to the dogs is covering red turnips which we have been harvesting for a couple of weeks. Today I plan on puloing most/all of them and cutting off the greens so the roots will be able to store in the fridge for a month or more so we can sell them well into the fall. We will sell the greens too but they will last only a short time, not well into the fall (even though it is well into the fall already).


Carolyn said...

Hey..... it's good to see Danny again!

OhioMom said...

Your gardens are so neat and orderly, loved the pics.

mkane said...

Wow, those were some beautiful leeks! You are lucky to have the green house. Locavores unite@