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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Dogs

Every now and again a farm blog needs to post pictures of the farm dogs and here is that post for Boulder belt Eco-Farm. I give you Nate, Arlo and Danny, our farm dogs

Arlo and Danny looking busy by the chicken tractors

Danny by some ornamental grasses (that he has most likely just pissed upon)

Nate and Danny looking out the back door

Nate is helping Eugene hunt for voles along the edge of a hoop house. Actually Eugene is ripping up the edge of a hoop house in order to move it off one crop and to another and Nate knows that there have been voles hiding in the plastic just waiting for him to catch and eat them.

Arlo and Nate with the Buddha

This is a fake dog we found in the barn when we moved here. For 3 years he stood guard over the asparagus and was real looking enough to fool the deer and kept them from eating the spears. Sadly the stuffed dog, after 3 years out in the weather rotted away.

Arlo in the spring sun

Nate in warmth of an Indian summer evening.

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

I think these dogs are gems of your farm. They help you lot in keeping the place safe. You are so lucky to get these dogs. So nice of you that you brought them up with care and affection. My daughter loves his small puppy too much. I shall show her your blog.