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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Snow

We got our first big snow of the winter season, 8.5". It crushed 2 of our 3 hoop houses which is a bummer. Had someone gone up and cleared the snow from them just 15 minutes earlier at least one if not both would have been saved. Too often timing is everything and this time we just missed our mark.

At least the timing on the winter farm Share program was right on the mark. That ended just 4 days ago. It would have been tough harvesting out of flat houses.

The bad news is that one house now has a lot of ripped up greenhouse poly where it all came down on top of fence stakes that were there for the fall tomatoes. It also looks like a lot of the hoops are badly bent up and will have to be replaced. The good news is that the crops inside, tomatoes and spring mix in one and kale in another will be just find under the snow and plastic, even if we cannot access them. Now we just have to wait on the weather to take everything down so it can be fixed and/or replaced.

Nate checking out the strawberry hoop house which got the most damage

Another shot of the Strawberry hoop house (and Nate)

More of the Strawberry house

A shot of the kale hoop house to the left that is half down and the lettuce hoop house to the right which was cleared of snow in time

1 comment:

coles said...

Sorry for your hoophouse losses. I was actually going to write you anyway, not just because of the damage you suffered.

I saw on another forum that you use soil blocks. I have a mini-blocker that I used one time. It was new from Johnny's, but after using it once, I opted to stick with re-usable plastic pots to start seeds. I don't do enough volume to justify a soil blocker. So do you want it for free? I'll ship it to you at my expense.

If it can help out your enterprise, it will be doing a lot more than sitting on the shelf here gathering dust. Otherwise, it goes up for sale on EBAY!