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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Compost has Finally Arrived

Back in late February we called up Dan Young and put in an order for 6 yards of compost. Told him we needed it by late March. Around the 3rd week of March he called and said he could send some down that day. We said we had plans away from the farm but we would be there the next day. He said he would send a load to our farm than. The next day came and went and no compost. A week went by and still no compost. A month passed and still no compost or any word from Mr. Young.

Than two days ago I find a message on the answering machine from Dan. He can deliver compost that day. So I call back and leave a message saying that would be great. The day passes and no compost arrives. Than around 4pm yesterday Dan calls back and says a truck is on its way and will be at the farm in 1/2 hour. JOY!.

The truck arrives

It backs up to the sheet of plastic that keeps the pile from leaching into the water system and dry during rains

Eugene and the truck driver loosen the tarp

The bed rises

Compost comes out

Soon we have a big ole pile of compost dumped next to the market garden on a big piece of plastic

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