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Saturday, August 08, 2009

127 yard sale 2009 Day 2

It was slow on day two of the 127 yard sale. Real slow. I would say we got, maybe, 1000 people coming through, maybe less. The car count average was down by 2/3rds perhaps more (probably more).

I spoke to may of the other sellers about this and we all decided there were a couple of factors involved.
1) The first day of the sale should have the best items so that is the day to hit the sales.
I don't think this is necessarily true. It was observed yesterday that between Eaton and St Rt 73 there were about 50 small sales that had cropped up in the yards, barns and parking lots that were not there Thursday (and boy did they miss the boat!). So in that case the good stuff would still be there on Friday as it could not have been sold on Thursday
Add to that the fact that our sale is still picking up new vendors. I got a call from a guy in Michigan who said he would be coming in sometime Saturday morning. that means we will have a whole lot of items that have not been gone though.
Plus I know we continue to go through our house and barn and keep finding additional items to put in the sale as do a couple of our other vendors who live close by. I am positive we are not the only people doing this so this also keeps the sale selection some what fresh for buyers

2)Thursday has the truly serious buyers. the folks who are attempting to do the entire distance. In order to have a chance at going the whole way or at least more than one state you must start on Thursday. So that would go far in explaining the extremely heavy traffic on that day.

I did notice we were getting heavy traffic Friday from 7am til about 10am and that most of these people were from out of state and doing a lot of the sale. After 10 am the traffic dropped a lot and we were getting more locals than out of staters. Several people told me that they had taken a half day off from work to do the sales. And I did note that after 2pm that we were getting an increase of people, though now where near Thursday's volume. I expect traffic to be up today as it is Saturday and people have the day off

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