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Sunday, August 16, 2009

127 Yard Sale, Day 4

Okay a week late but here it is. this year's finish of the yard sale far exceeded past years. We had probably 1000 people com through between 9am and 4pm. I attribute this to the fact that for the first time the other YS venues in Ohio did not shut down on Sunday as they have in the past. So shoppers had reason to keep on shopping throughout Ohio.

Last year I believe we had around 200 people stop. It was so slow that we had earlier made the decision not to open Sunday and I gave all the vendors their space for free on Sunday this year if they wanted to stick around. I am glad we decided to stay open Sunday as that was by far our best produce sales day of the weekend. next year we will plan on doing Sunday and we will not give away the spaces that day

I was struck by how many Maryland license plates we in our lot Sunday morning. They outnumbered the Ohio (and other state plates) 2 or 3 to one for a couple of hours. I guess these were people about ready to hop on I-70 and head back home and we were about their last stop on their Yard Sale adventure. though I do not know that for sure as I did not talk to any one about why they were here Sunday morning.

All in all this year's yard sale was the best ever. But next year will be better. We plan on having T-shirts for sale (we still need to design them) We will do the map again as that was simply fascinating and from the comments we have received we are the only people doing such a thing on the 127 YS Trail. There will be a new food vendor-We have asked several chefs we know if they want to set up and all are interested. But we will see what happens over the next 11 months.

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