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Friday, July 30, 2010

RIP Betty

Man, what a week, yet another summer week of horror. If you are on my email list or follow us on Face Book than you know Betty was killed around midnight Tuesday/Wednesday.

She and Nate were on the highway and a PC Sheriff deputy came up the hill and around the bend and hit her and killed her instantly. he than came up to the house, knocked on the door, woke me out of a sound sleep and asked if I had a black dog because he just hit and killed one. I said yes and hoped it was another black dog. but when he said it was running with a brown dog I knew that it had to be Betty.

Eugene got up and I told him the grim news and we walked down the road with the cop and sure enough, there was her corpse. Eugene picked her body up and took it back to the farm and than we spent the rest of the night unable to sleep much at all.

We spent Wednesday in a state of grief and shock. Eugene dug a big hole and buried her in the morning while I got things harvested and cleaned for the Farm Share folks. We said our good byes and felt really bad about life and both of us cried at times over the loss of our pup.

She was a great dog and died too young. I strongly suspect Nate killed her. That he had been leading her out of the fenced ares via various holes that either he made or have been made by cars running into the fence for months and finally his scheme worked. I say this because he has zero remorse over the whole event and when we have lost other dogs (and cats) he would mourn their departure for weeks. he is not mourning betty one bit and seems very very relieved she is gone. granted she was hard on him physically. She would jump on his back (and she weighed close to 70 pounds), bite and pull on his ears and just be a general PITA to him. Now Nate could have told her enough but for some reason he was always a complete push over around her and never ever disciplined her.

Here is a short video I took of her the Sunday before she died. We were fishing and she was having a ball playing in the and around the pond.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. So many of us look at our pets as importantly as if they were human as well. I know how u are feeling and i wish in some way i could do more to ease your pain. RIP Betty!

Michael McGlashon

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about Betty. Dogs are our special friends. Life is just so unfair sometimes. I feel for you and Eugene.
Patty Schultz

Gretel and Steve Adams said...

Sorry to hear about your dog Betty. We too have a farm but live close to the road and worry about our animals. If only people didn't fly down our road, I would feel more comfortable with letting our dogs run free more often. We had a cat get hit a couple years ago, but I couldn't imagine losing a dog, they are like our children. Condolences in this difficult time.
On a lighter note, I used to go to Miami and would drive past your farm every time I was going too and from. We always admired, but never stopped. Some day maybe we will make it down there to see all the beautiful things you have going on.
Peace be with you...
Gretel and Steve Adams
Sunny Meadows Flower Farm
Columbus, OH

Anonymous said...

Lucy and Eugene,
We are so sorry to hear about Betty...Hard to lose them at any stage of life...when they are young it is sad for a life lost...when they are older, we mourn wanting more time with them. I know that her heart was full with the love from you both...and her life better for having known you.
Hugs from here to there....