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Friday, February 11, 2011

CSA Article

Great article on how to find and join a CSA. Unfortunately most of the people who left comments seem to belong to fake CSA's. A real CSA will have a farmer (or several but usually it is just one farm), the members will share the risk of the harvest with the farmer, usually the members pay up front for the season (though here at Boulder belt we do have 4 week and 3 month subscriptions as we have a lot of potential members who travel a lot so cannot do the 6 month commitment. A Fake CSA will advertise that much of the food is from local sources but in reality it is usually less than 25%. the members do not get to know their farmer nor see the farms where their food is grown. these are food delivery services or Co-ops but they are not CSA's.

And BTW Boulder Belt Farm Share Initiative is taking new members for our 2011 season right now. For more information click on the picture of the CSA share (artful pile of food) for all the information you should need to make a decision.

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