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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The "Things for Which I Am Thankful" post

It's Thanksgiving so one hasta have such a blog post

Okay I am thankful for kittens. the past 2 summers the store building has given us a kitten so now we have Tuttle a strapping male cat who is just over a year old and Twizzle who is about 6 months old. the two love each other and like to sleep and play together

I am thankful for the wonderful fall growing season we had this year (the rest of the year not so much). The weather has given us and our CSA members a lot of yummy food

I am thankful for our Farm share members. You guys rock! And without you we would not be farming

I am Thankful for my family that still walks the planet. I have the best brother and sister in the universe and great step siblings and step mom.

I am thankful for my friends. They are all an intelligent, talented and beautiful bunch of people

I am thankful for the adventures I had this year especially the trip to DC with Marge Glaser to protest the Tar Sands. It was a magical trip (I mean this quite literally-magic happened several times during and after the trip-especially when the pipeline was put on hold by the feds and told to move entirely by the Gov. of Nebraska there by shutting down the project within a couple of days of the protest, BooYah!)

I am thankful for decisions; We finally decided to dump farmers markets late this year and go 100% CSA for 2012 and beyond

I am thankful for both mine and Eugene's health. It allows us to all the things that need to get done on the farm

And I am thankful for you readers

Happy Thanksgiving

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