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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Putting Together a Winter Share

Harvesting the produce is only half the battle putting it all together into a share is the other half. Once things are out of the field and cleaned up than the produce is ready to be bunched, boxed, etc.. and than put together into shares. The following pictures show how we put together the most recent winter share.

after weighing out and/or bunching or bagging finished items are put into 15 individual piles, one pile per winter share member. So far this pile has carrots, cilantro, leeks dried tomatoes and root parsley

Because our members get what would be a double regular share we had to make 2 piles per member and this is the beginning od th pile #2. We have shallots, garlic and wheat berries

Collard greens bunched and ready to add to the pile. these things are so sweet that the dog stole several leaves and ate them while we were harvesting
Eugene weighing Up potatoes

The piles grow and now we have added beets to this side..

...and spring mix, collards, kale, broccoli and parsley and a bag of lettuce. And there are 3 boxes of winter squash one has butternut, one has delicata and one has acorn. they got one of each kind in their shares

Pears and spinach have been added

Close up of 1/2 of a finished share with the potatoes added to the pile

and here is the other half, it's a lotta food

Eugene is doing a final check of the shares to make sure we got everything just right.

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