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Friday, December 09, 2011

A Winter Harvest

Harvesting some crops in the snow for our Winter share members.

A bed of spinach.

Freshly pulled rutabagas

Freshly pulled and very dirty beets

A beautiful head of red oakleaf lettuce in among some red beets

Meg and Eugene harvesting rutabagas. The white specks are snow flakes

Harvesting Broccoli in the snow. Note the row cover That Meg is lifting off the plants so we can harvest that bed. It is because of that row cover that we have any broccoli at all. it kept the environment just warm enough and wind free enough that the broccoli heads did not get a lot of damage. If the had a hoop house over them they probably would have had no damage but even with just 2 layers of row cover on hoops we had 2/3rds come through a lot of nights in the mid 20's A-OK.

Fresh broccoli with leaves. The leaves are very good to eat.

A panorama of the farm shot from the NW corner and looking South, southeast

Dirty Daikons

Clean daikons

and Leeks

1 comment:

Michelle H said...

What do you do with all of the broccoli leaves? I would love to try juicing some!