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Monday, April 09, 2012

Redefining the CSA

Nice article on research done in California on CSA's


Shari Thomas said...

Lucy, thanks for posting that article. It's very timely to our discussions on Local Harvest.

I have just been contacted by someone I suspect is a "local aggregator", and calling himself a CSA. I've invited him and his wife to our place. You can be sure I have some hard questions for him.

I believe if we want to organize, we can do so by enjoining a graduate student in ag marketing or ag economics. Thinking of contacting UC Davis or perhaps Iowa State.

What do you think?

Lucy said...

Shari, it wouldn't hu. I have a faxcebook group If you Don't Know Tour Farmer You are Not in a CSA

If you are on Facebook join us and add your thoughts.