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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How We Plant Eggplant

A pictorial about how we plant eggplant

Most of what we need to plant eggplant, seedlings and water

Eugene putting the eggplant seedlings through landscape fabric mulch which has drip tape underneath

The drip tape needs to be moved to one side or the other of the seedling. It is important that it is the same side for all the seedlings. i.e. you do not want the tapes to be serpentining around the plants
all done with transplanting

Time to water. if you have two people one can start watering as the past seedlings are going into the ground
Eugene puts up the last hoop on this bed

Row cover being measured

weighing the end of the cover down with rocks so it can be cut to the proper length

Final measurement (we eyeball)

Cutting the row cover

One of the many side rocks used to keep the cover down and we are done

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