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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Making Tomato Sauce

Ready to make sauce. I have the Victorio put together, a bowl to catch the sauce and a container to catch the tomato waste

Close up

Another angle. This shows the compost bucket i keep below the VIctorio as it will start dripping and i need somewhere to put the skins and seeds

Sauce filling the bowl and waste is going into the side container

The tomatoes, most are Amish paste but about 10% are various blacks, pinks and other reds

I am running the waste through as the crushed maters still have a lot of juice left in them

Second run through, notice how much less volume (and mass) there is?

the sauce in the bowl is how much i got out of the waste on the second run through and the stuff in the hopper is all that is left on the 3rd run through. 

A lot fewer maters

and the pot is filling up

When I got done, the tomato juice was about 1" from the rim of the pot (5 gallon). I will cook this juice down for at least ten hours and than can it into quart jars processed in a hot water bath for a half hour. I should get 10 quarts from the approx. bushel of tomatoes I processed.

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