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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Early Morning Cats

We have 3 cats, Navin, Shiva and Trina the cat (aka Katrina, named for the hurricane). All are foundlings. I found Navin in College corner, OH back in 1992 when he was just a wee thing. I found Shiva while at a birthday party at the Lakengren housing development. He braved a rottwieler to get some chicken wings and new home and when we left he had no problem jumping in the car and coming with us. That was back in 1998, IIRC. Than there is Trina who found us about 8 weeks before we moved. She showed up in the back yard crying for food and hissing and spitting at anyone who got too close. We started feeding her, discovered she was declawed (which made her anger displays pretty impotent) and realized if we did not take her with us when we moved she would be coyote snacks. When we moved we moved her last and she went from being a very paranoid outdoor kitty to a much more relaxed indoor kitty with a civilized litter box (she seemed so thrilled to be put In a room with a litter box, she realized we were not totally uncivilized after all)

I often get up early in the morning (like before 5am) but I never get up before the 3 cats in the house. They seem to take great joy when I get up way early. They gallop around the downstairs swatting at each other and making noises until I realize they are not merely entertaining me but actually trying to get across to me that their food bowls are empty and they are hungry.

So I fill the bowls and they grease down on their food for several minutes.

Than it is back to galloping across the living room and hiding behind corners lying in wait for any unsuspecting cat or human to walk by.

Shiva and I have a special game that consists of him latching onto my foot and paddling me with his hind feet while biting my foot. He likes it best when I am wearing leather slippers or am barefoot (which NEVER happens anymore-OUCH!).

Navin mostly likes to sit on me especially when I am at the computer. Though lately he has decided Katrina is a good playmate.

Katrina, being so new to everything, is a mystery. She likes petting but also runs from attention. but every day she changes as she settles down.

All of the cats like to visit anyone on the toilet and seem very offended if the bathroom door is closed while someone is using the facilities


The Icon said...

I just became a cat person in the last two years. My wife insisted we get two, so we went to the human society and got two that had been tossed over the fence before their eyes were even open.

Well, thanks to Spike and Dirt McGrit, I'm a cat person now, and feel like I have two small, hairy people that walk on four legs living with me. I'm that wierd guy that refers to himself as their "daddy" and everything.

Lucy said...

Oooh you have it bad.