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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


From the looks of things the neoconservatives who have taken over Washington DC with their lies that have killed, maimed and tortured so many people are going to get their comeuppance.

I shouldn't gloat but it's been a long hard 5+ years having to put up with the craziness of Bush and Cheney. I hope they all get what they so much deserve (going bfore the tribunal in the Hague for their crimes against Humanity. I mean if Saddam Hussein has to do this for killing a few thousand Kurds than certainly Bush should for killing several hundred thousand Iraqis, Afghanis, Italians, Canadians and Americans.

Of course we have to wait and see how this plays out because these clowns most certainly have gotten out of similar circumstances smelling like roses so they may be able to get out of PlameGate as well but I don't think so. I think Fitzgerald will be handing out indictments to a lot of top people possibly even Cheney.

Of course this will upset the Murkin gummint quite a bit but the Murkin gummint needs a bit of upsetting. Perhaps this will wash most of the corrupted people (on both sides of the aisle) out of congress. Perhaps this will be the beginning of an alternative party or two (we need this since neither the Dems or GOP seem to be effective any longer-neither party speaks to me, though I am a registered democrat so I can vote in local primaries)


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