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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Week After the Last Tuesday Market

Decided not to go to the last Tuesday market of 2005, which makes last week's market the last Tuesday market of 2005 for us.

The weather is windy, cloudy and damp. It quit raining around 11am this morning and the sun has even peaked out a few times. But it is not the best weather for outdoor sales activities.

I did some organizing and found a bunch of clothing in a trunk. Moved artwork from one room to another and found a home for the many boxes cluttering up the computer room. made an appointment to get Nate our newest dog neutered. He needs cutting real bad. He's a good dog but a bit full of himself like any male, horny, teenager can be.

Eugene fixed some rafters on the porch and than started digging out a drain so the front yard quits flooding and has excavated several buckets of dirt but I don't think he has gotten the drain unplugged. But he will in the fullness of time.

Lunch was BLT's made with all local ingredients except the bread.
Local bacon from morning Sun farms in West Alexandria, lettuce from Locust Run farm south of Oxford, OH and tomatoes from our own maters. Also had apple sauce I made a few weeks ago. Yummy lunch

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