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Monday, November 21, 2005

Almost Turkey Day

The plan for this morning is to go to a nearby organic farm and buy a turkey for the Thanksgiving feast I am hosting this year. It will be a small affair of 6 people-Eugene's Mom, Fran, his sister, Doreen, his brother , Dave and Doreen's son, Chris (if he doesn't have to work). This will be the first time any of these folks, except Dave (who helped us move), have seen the place.

So I am planning on a feast of mainly locally raised foods. Turkey, Potatoes, salad will all be local and organic. I noticed I can get organic cranberries at the local Kroger's (organics in Eaton, OH who would've thunk?). I will bake bread for the stuffing/dressing and I believe all the other ingredients except butter are either raised by us or locally. I wish I could find a reliable local butter/dairy source. But I digress. the stuffing will have onions, garlic, carrots, pears, celery, sage, rosemary, parsley salt and pepper . Oh and maybe some walnuts.

I plan on baking rolls since I have found that yeast rolls are nearly as easy to make as biscuits and I can proof and par bake these a day ahead.

I might do pearl onions since we have several pounds of onions the right size. But I may not as I don't particularly enjoy peeling tiny onions. But they are good and quite traditional.

Eugene plans on making an apple pie (he makes the best pie) using apples we grew at the old farm. Doreen always brings a sweet yam dish and macaroni and cheese and Fran will be bringing some pies she buys at Young's Jersey Dairy. We will probably have way too much food.

We get to put leaves into the dining room table which I don't believe I have gotten to do since I got ownership of the piece. And I get to figure out where the table cloths are for the table. there are some really swank linen coverings for the table that will be fun to use. Shame I don't have a silver candelabra. But I do have some silver table items I recently got at an auction for almost nothing and some nice formal silver flat ware. I have a really nice set of china but it seems to be at my Dad's so that will have to wait. may have to us paper plates since I don't believe I have enough regular plates for 8 people. I may, though there will be nothing resembling a matching set. Call it Holiday Feast Eclectic.

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