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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rainy Sunday

Its' been a rainy lazy Sunday. Watched the Bengals beat the Ravens. Watching football on any level is not something I do often (I go to a superbowl party every year and that is usually the extent of my football watching. Eugene will watch even less than I do). But hey, it is not every year the Bengals do well. And there wasn't much else on TeeVee (we get 6 channels here at Boulder Belt Farm and have no interest in satellite/cable). About half time Eugene got bored and went out in the drizzle to plant day lilies on the eroding banks around the pond. He dug up many buckets of them about 5 days ago at the old place.

This work in November will make for a pretty display in May, June and July. And it will keep the bank from slumping any worse than it already has. That is if Nate, the large, possibly German short haired pointer puppy, will let these plantings be. He tends to dig up anything can get at. He took out a rather big clump of pampas grass. Eugene replanted elsewhere, where nate cannot get to it until it roots (than I want to see the dog try and drag the grass out of the ground. Sure its' easy when the grass has been in the ground less than 72 hours ). He got out into the front yard overnight a few weeks ago and pulled out several irises I had just planted. He's a rascal.

So while Eugene is getting muddy I am blogging and making a pizza dough for tonight. it will have onions, cheese, locally made organic Italian sausage, sweet peppers from the freezer and perhaps some zucchini from the freezer.

Might make some winter squash to go along with though we did have winter squash last night.

Oh and I have some hot chocolate warming on the stove that will get a shot of kaluah or rum (or both!) when it is served.

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