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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Eggplant Head

A photo of the Eggplant head taken in late October. It still looks the same in early December

My father, Bill and my step mother, Rebecca came to visit the new farm back in early October. They brought along a strange gift of an eggplant that had been grown in a mold so it looks like the head of a gnome or something. We took it to the farmers market several times and most people agreed it was one of the weirdest things they had ever seen.

The head spent much of November in the unheated barn and other than a bit of shriveling it was no worse for wear. It is now December and the head is sitting in the kitchen (heated but not very) still in good shape.

Yesterday I tossed the last one of our eggplants in the compost-It had been sitting in the door of the fridge for weeks (months?). It had gotten covered in mold and deflated pretty badly. Now, the question is, why is the eggplant grown in a mold doing so well at survival? Eugene thinks it is because no fungus or bacteria got on the fruit while it was developing in the mold form so there is nothing to attack it and make it rot. Sounds reasonable to me.

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