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Thursday, December 08, 2005

1st Big Snow of the Season

The weather prediction for today is our first snow storm of the year. 3" to 6" of the white stuff. Ought to make it really pretty and we can test out our sledding hills.

The local news media has freaked out about the coming storm. There are heavy snow warnings in a variety of colors, depending on which channel one watches. Some channels have winter storm warnings and no mention of heavy snow at all. The media talking heads are acting as if there is no such thing as snow removal equipment.

Yeah the snow will make rush hour a real bitch and a half (and rush hour is something I do not deal with seeing as how I work for myself and not The Man). But if some folks would quit pretending that the roads are clear and there is great visibility there would be very few problems. But the roads seem to be full of delusional drivers.

So I guess the greater Dayton/Cincinnati area can expect a rodeo this evening on their way home.

But it ain't started yet so things are still a green hue, but quite frozen.

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