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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Eggplant-Head Wishes Christians a Merry Christmas

Eggplant-head in an x-mass tree (fake with fiber-optic lights, very chic)wishing Christians (and non christians practising x-mas or who just want x-mass wishes) a very Merry Christmas

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Angie said...

Hi Lucy - thanks for the comment and the link on your blog.

I am going to post some pictures of the chickens soon (it will take me awhile to figure it out!). I'm happy to hear they don't need the lightbulb for heat - I was afraid if I left the bulb on all night it would be too much light and really screw up their laying cycle.

Mine refuse to come outside when it is snowing! Is this normal? My kids say they are like chicken little "the sky is falling".

Anyway, rambled enough - thanks again for the post.

BTW - love Mr. Eggplant on the Christmas tree - very cute.