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Monday, December 12, 2005

The annual Holiday letter

...and no it is not reproduced in this blog. You gotta know me fer real-like to get the missive

I got the annual (non religion specific) holiday letter done. Now just have to print it out, stuff envelopes, address and stamp and get them in the mail. For my more electronically inclined friends (i.e. the folks on my email address lists) they will get an e-copy (pdf). I have noticed when I do not send these things out I get few (non religion specific) holiday cards. So far this year I have gotten zero cards but that could be due to the fact I have moved and few folks know my new address and have sent their cards to my old address so there is a sack of (non religion specific) Holiday mail somewhere between New Paris and Eaton Ohio (about 11 miles separates the two metropolises) with my cards. Or perhaps my friends and acquaintances are just lame this year and have not sent anything out. Or perhaps my PO Box is at this very moment crammed full of (non religion specific) Holiday cheer.

I dunno, but I do know I got this damned letter done and ready to print and it is full of news information and photos.

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