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Monday, December 12, 2005

Garlic Powder

One of Boulder Belt Farm's specialties is garlic powder and today I finished one batch and started another.

Garlic powder is not hard to make as long as you have many pounds of cloves lying around that you have no other use for. Basically all one has to do is separate cloves, cut off the butt ends of each clove and put them in a dehydrator and let them dessicate for a few days (which fills the house with garlic scent). When they are dry simply remove the wrappers put in a blender and blend until you have a fine garlic powder.

I have the garlic to dry and make into powder because we grow garlic for sale to the public and we generally grow more than we need. This year it looks like I have about 15 to 20 pounds of garlic that will get turned into powder. the first garlic to get dried each year is the dregs from our seed stock. You see, when we plant garlic we have to open up and separate hundreds of bulbs (corms, really) and make sure nothing is diseased (that gets tossed ASAP) and that the individual cloves are not too small, leaving only the best and most healthy cloves for planting. What is left over is put into paper bags and stored until I dry it. I will do at least 10 drying episodes over the next couple of months (I only have so much room in the dehydrators and it takes several days to dry a batch)

I think it takes about 10 medium bulbs of garlic to make 1 ounce.

I use a mix of the 3 hardnecked garlics we grow, German White, Shvilisi and Persian Star. These make a wonderfully pugent powder that puts store bough garlic powder to shame. Once you try the real stuff you will not go back willingly to the tepid cream colored powder they call garlic powder.

If you feel you must try some of this garlic powder to the Gods (and you really should if you like garlic) click here and purchase some for yourself or as a holiday gift.

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