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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sex Farm

I recently put a counter that keeps a few stats about the visitors to this site and one of the items it keeps track of is the keywords people use to find this site. So far only 3 have been noted by the software.

And they are

Farm Life Blogs

Sex farm

Sex belt

The first one makes sense but sex farm?!? Okay I know there are a lot of sexual kinks out there and that there is a website for damn near everyone of them (and if there is not one for your strokes you can develop such a site, such is the beauty and magic of the world wide web). I know that there is at least one website devoted to pictures of women in rubber killing chickens (and perhaps other livestock) and that the webmaster will pay women to allow themselves to be photographed killing farm animals while wearing rubber items. I know this because I was approached by such a person many years due to a chicken raising list I was active on.

I did not take him up on his offer

And sex belt. Okay, there is the word belt in the name Boulder Belt Farm. If you ask me, boulders would make a bad sex belt and we have zero to do with strap-ons. I hope this site was not too much of a disappointment to this person


Chandira said...

Oh boy, Google is great for that.. I've had some really ineresting searches too. lol

Cool blog! I'll be back.

Lucy said...


thanks for stopping by.

I believe Sex farm came to us from a MSN search, ah but same difference really