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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Eating Locally, One Person's (not mine) Experience

This is very interesting reading.  Written by a woman in California,
it could apply anywhere. The full article is found here:

"[It's one thing to acknowledge that food production might revert to
local in the face of Peak Oil. It is another thing altogether to
attempt to eat locally, as this graduate student finishing a Master's
Degree in Ecological Agriculture at New College demonstrates. Not only
is the prospect a daunting one, even for an agriculturally-blessed
region like Sonoma County, California; the task of eating only food
produced within a 100 mile radius for one week raises much more
fundamental questions about our society. By way of full disclosure I
should tell you that Wendy Talaro is my fiancée and that you'll be
hearing more from her. I'm a lucky guy in many ways. Even if they
weren't produced locally, "I Hate Peak Oil" cookies are great. –

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