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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Time for dog photos

Maybe not the best dog photos I have taken but they are current

Nate (blonde) and Arlo (black and Tan)in an embrace

We have two dogs, Arlo and Nate. Arlo we have had for over 8 years. he was found by our vet at the time, Carolyn Blakey and she gave him to us to replace Tlingt (the dog that had major health issues and was hit by cars 3 different times and none of that killed her. It was a chocolate brownie she stole off of the front seat of the car that did her in-Death by chocolate, literally). Arlo, after about 16 months of differences of opinions, is a fantastic farm dog. He keeps deer away from the gardens and coyotes, foxes, skunks, raccoons, etc away from the chickens

Nate and Arlo playing in the back yard

Nate found us on the day we closed on this farm. He was skin and bones and wiggly and ecstatic to see a human that was not chasing him away. Upon seeing the poor thing I got him a bowl and filled it with food, twice. Eugene was not happy at first but he did end up naming the dog and now is Nate's best buddy. He is well under a year and knows nothing. He has not seen a chicken and I suspect he will want to kill and eat any chicken he sees but arlo had the same problem and it is possible to convince a chiken killer that it is better to guard chickens and kill any predators as we were able to do this with Arlo. Nate is smart, a fast learner and he really wants to please. I think he will be as good and perhaps a bit better farm dog than Arlo in a few years

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