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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Going to the Dentist

Gotta a Dentist appointment bright and early this morning. 9am appointment

At least Dr Dave is a painless dentist and I do not expect to have to go back for any surgery, but who knows, my mouth is not at all normal and has more problems than most 40-something mouths. I have the dental problems of a 65 year old woman-already have had major periodontal surgery. I still have 8 baby teeth (and until they are gone I get to be a child) and I have a gold crown that will have to be fixed in the next couple of years or when the pain gets too bad to chew at all (fixing means a bridge, something I want to avoid as long as possible). So now you know more about my dental state than perhaps you wanted to know. But, hey no one forced you to read this.

After the dentist we will go to a friend's farm and hang out there for a while than come back home and do things. I know I need to either can or dry a bunch of pears before they go bad (if this has not happened already) and Eugene needs to paint a for sale sign so we can get a big metal round hay rack, some truck tires and other crap sold in the next month or so.

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