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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What I gave for Xmas

Not much actually....

I gave $30 to heifer International to help buy bees and a llama for some family I suppose in S. America. My sister wanted to buy chcickens and ducks for a family in SE Asia but I was worried that avian flu would kill off the small flock leaving the people with more problems. This will not happen with a llama and bees. Though I suppose the bees could get virora mites or hive beetles. It seems little is safe any more. My other family members kicked in enuff cash so we gave $200 total.

I gave Eugene good winter socks and an organic cotton jersey that looks really good on him (but he looks good in rags, he's just one of those people who can wear about anything well) and he bought a cordless drill a few weeks ago, gave it to me and said that it was his present from me. So I wrapped the thing up and presented it to him on xmas morn. he was delighted with his toy. Oh yeah, I got Eugene a lot of chocolate. Dove chocolate, bonbons filled with yummy things, wafers, bars. Lots of chocolate. He has been in a cocoa orgy ever since.

I bough tubs of Shea Butter for the in-laws. I get this stuff from The Wildberry in Oxford, OH. they get it from 2 brothers from Ghana. It is really wonderful skin cream and 100% natural, nothing added because nothing needs to be added.

I was able to stay away from the malls and Wal-mart. It was either local merchants or on-line purchases this year.

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