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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


It's been very warm today, like 55˚F warm and this warmth has spawned spring-like storms.

Because it is warm and rain was predicted we decided the roof of the barn should be patched before it rains. The last time it rained a waterfall cascaded down a wall of the barn over n electric outlet and a freezer. It was not a good situation but no harm done. but we did not want another waterfall in the barn if we could avoid it. So Eugene got up on the barn roof with a can of roofing tar and I stood in the barn with a mirror and used that to look up at the gaps in the roof. After about a half hour of yelling at each other over the trucks I guided Eugene to the places needing tarring and we got most the holes covered. What the area really needs is new flashing but that will have to wait for another time.

After getting the roof attended to we potted around the farm picking up things and waiting for a tractor trailer to arrive with a load of garden stuff-plastic for greenhouses, landscaping mulch and row covers. the truck was supposed to arrive at 10am but at ten there was no truck. I checked the answering machine and there was a message saying the truck would be there in an half hour. The time signature said the trucking folks had called at 5:34am so I had no idea when they actually called (but not 5:34am).

So I went back out and helped Eugene fix a fence and than used the new cordless drill to remove screws from rotten wood and they still hadn't arrived so I went in and prepared dried garlic to be made into garlic powder.

At noon they still had not arrived but Eugene got a pile of branches chipped and shredded and Nate, the puppy, managed to get loose and almost made it across the busy highway before I called him in. I went out for a minute and when I came back in the trucking company had called saying they were on the way and about 7 minutes later a big truck stopped traffic on the highway as they backed in the parking lot. At the far end of a very long trailer was our small looking skid of our stuff. We got the stuff unloaded and into the barn just as a thundershower moved in.

Went in the house and had lunch while it poured.

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