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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Farm Art

My friend, Pat Flick coined the term "Farm Art" many years ago to describe all the junk one may find on a farmstead. Things like decaying model T's, rusting planters and plows, tires, pushed in chicken coops, etc., etc.. Here is a picture of some of the collection of farm art that came with the place.

Many people might be put off by piles of junk around their estate but not us. So far we have sold almost $100US from the farm art collection and have found several useful things including a woodstove, 3 porch gliders, a hay ring, metal shelving units, lumber, buckets, a rolling tool chest, etc.. There is a lot of good stuff in those "junk" piles.

I believe every working farm needs a certain amount of farm art in order to function properly. Many things get fabricated from farm art collections. many items get repaired using items from the collection The Farm Art Collections are unique to each farm and ever changing as things are added and subtracted.

Urbanites often mistake farm Art for junk. They do not realize that those piles of rusting implements, wood, fence stakes are important and the items will come in handy someday. They do not realize that farms are all about the future.

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