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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Spanning the Blogosphere

I am a member of Blog Explosion so I can increase traffic to my blog (and BE is a very effective tool to do this. To join click on the icon at the bottom of the sidebar to the right). I surf for credits most days via BE and often I find some really great blogs (in my opinion). And today is just such a day. 10 minutes surfing and I hit pay dirt starting with the Matian Anthropologist which lead me to a blog call Who Would Jesus Hate (if you are religious or still believe GW Bush is a good leader or do not have a sick sense of humor I would suggest NOT looking at this blog).

Another blog I found this morning while using Technorati's search engine is Towards a Bioregional State is all about changing our society from an unsustainable one to a sustainable state. I have only scanned 2 of the articles posted but I like the ideas I have read so far. One of the reasons I do what I do is guide our society in this direction. And for you Monsanto fans out there there is a really good article on the History of Monsanto and how the corp. got to be so evil

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