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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Making a Market Garden

We have been working on opening beds and making a market garden out of the 2.5 acres on the upper field and here is our progress thus far. 18 beds dugs, 6 beds planted with garlic and perennial herbs. A couple of beds are close to being ready for planting (they will likely be planted strawberries or lettuce) and Eugene is opening up more beds as I write this.

The beds looking south. The white things in the upper right of the photo are garlic under row covers

The beds looking north. This time the row covered garlic is on the left


Peter comly said...

Hey, where's all the rocks? Back when I used to plow for vegetables it sounded like a slow motion rock slide. We'd pick rocks onto a stoneboat and you only had to move it once or twice to fill it. And this land has been farmed for 160 years. That sure is nice looking ground you got there.

Lucy said...

There haven't been many rocks. But we have found two projectile points (AKA arrowheads) so far.

All the boulders seem to be on the slope to the south of this field.