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Friday, February 03, 2006

Boulder Belt's Super Bowl Pick

We are not football fans here at the farm but this has been a special season and has gotten out attention. First of all the Bengal's had a winning season for the first time since 1982. being from SW Ohio/Cincinnati area I have a soft spot in my heart for the Bengal's. But they did not make it past their first playoff game. leaving the Steelers to cheer on.

I became a Steelers kinda fan last year when Ben Roethlisberger, Miami football phenom became the Steelers’ football phenom. The man is great at what he does and this is only his second season in the NFL, he will only get better.

So because we both went to the same university I have become a fan.

And this is good because I have a Superbowl party coming up on sunday where I will actually be into the game because I actually watched most of the post season games.

Most years I watch about 5 hours of NFL action (including the Superbowl) total.

So the Boulder Belt prediction is Pittsburgh by 14 points.


Anonymous said...

Seems like I heard something about a big sporting event today. Hmmm.

Lucy said...

The super bowl went well. The Steelers won but even better I won $20 in the gambling pool.

I also got to hear 4 girls about 12 years old critique Mic Jaggar. Lets just say Rock n' Roll is pretty dead to the prepubecent set. They found the Stone's boring and Mic just weird. One could not believe that her mother (and everyone else over the age of 40 at this party which was pretty much every adult there) was ACTUALLY singing along with "You Can't Always Get What you Want" and knew all the words. Oh gag!!!!!

The game was good, not a blow out and Ben proved hisself under pressure.

My Alma Mater, Miami University (in Ohio and pre-dates the other Miami by a good 75 years) got several free super bowl plugs. i wonder how this will affect the amount of applications thbey recieve this year. It can't hurt any to have a former student winning the super bowl.

Oh and did I mention I won $20?