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Monday, February 06, 2006

Post groundhog day Musings

It's post Super Bowl party season and that means getting back to the grindstone.

Winter has made an appearance this week. Winter came back Saturday morning with wind and a lot of heavy melting snow (it was falling on warm surfaces). To celebrate the return of cold weather we went to an auction to look at a tractor. The weather was miserable at the auction and the tractor went for a bit more than we wanted to pay so we left right after the tractor sold but before the corvette and horses sold.

Went home, ate lunch and took a nap and was awoken by a small dark colored truck leaving the driveway. It appears they did not stop at Kayler Rd and jumped 127 and landed on our land, drove south towards the driveway entry and left going north. Don't know what to make of it-either rilly bad driving due to slick conditions or someone wanted to put ruts in our grass. Either way they left their hubcap behind.

Eugene welcomes the colder weather (we still cannot call this cold when it is just around freezing and February) because he does not get overheated working. he has been cutting up brush and trees while it is cold. And we don't even have a wood stove, old habits die hard. he also has leveled out the dirt where a greenhouse will be going behind the barn. Small jobs but progress towards the sustainable produce farm we will have up and running someday.

I have been kicking around the web trying to find a place to buy business cards. I found a site that allowed me to design a really nice looking card but it will cost about $50 to get 1000 cards which seems high. Than again this will be a write off, the cards will look nice and more importantly will have the correct contact information on them and the cards I designed (using a stock graphic) look very nice and are probably worth the money.

Okay I ordered the cards and should have them in 3 to 5 business days which I will take as Friday.

We are up to 25 beds opened. Eugene attached a moldboard plow to the BCS walking (2 wheeled) tractor and ripped up some soil in 3 beds with it before deciding that hand digging with a shovel did a far nicer job and was not taking a lot longer to do.

Got some onions and leeks planted in the past 5 days. Planted about 150 seeds per 4" pot and did nine pots of red, yellow and white onions plus two kinds of leeks. IIRC I planted Copra and Prince yellow onions, Superstar white onions, Mars and Mercury red onions, Lincoln and Kind Richard Leeks. In the past I planted these things in seedling flats but found they would quit growing about 4 weeks into things. I figured out this was because the poor roots were running out of room and so would go kind of dormant until they were giving more room. this meant small spindly seedlings and this is something I would like to avoid. instead we want to plant stocky, healthy seedlings in a couple of months. And the pots ought to do the trick. Of course the seeds have to germinate before I can pass any judgment.


Angie said...

Hi Lucy - this post made the light bulb go on over my head. I have always had the same trouble with onion and leek seedlings - to the point where I quit growing them myself and ordered instead. How simple to put thim in a 4" pot! I am going to start some today - a little late - but really want to give this a try. By the way, what zone are you in? We are on the edge of 3 & 4, I would call us a 4a. Thanks for the idea! Angie

Lucy said...

I am on the edge of zone 5/6 in SW Ohio. Though this year I'd say we are in zone 6/7.

i am glad this post helped you out.

Oh and the onions have just started germinating. 3 pots are getting green and the rst are just starting to have roots peek out (year old seed is running 3 to 5 days behind the fresh seed but all seem to be working thus far)