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Monday, February 06, 2006

In This Evening's Email

With Spermamax you will have more sperm than there is water in the ocean.
You think you are not able to father, Spermamax will change your world.
You worry of not having descendants,
Spermamax can help you.

Now just how is this possible? Having more sperm than water in the oceans... I mean talk about blue balls. And what if the woman just ain't in the mood? I mean wouldn't the guy pop if he had that much sperm running around in his testicles? I would think this would make the chances of conception go down if for no other reason than these oceaned sized blue balls the poor chap would be sporting. That would be enuff to make most women run away fast.

And let us not forget the fact that I am not a male, I cannot produce sperm, no matter how much Spermamax I take and I am not planning on breeding decendants. They pretty much struck out on me, it seems.

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