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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Plowin' the Fields

We use a 14hp BCS walking tractor with an adjustable single bottom plow to open the beds. The plow is able to be flipped from side to side so the person plowing (Eugene pictured below) does not have to go in the same direction each pass. Instead they can alternate directions.

Here is a shot of the plow attachment (which is also a potato digger though the one time we used it for that purpose we stabbed a lot of spuds)

Here Eugene is digging into the soil with the plow, opening a new bed. He will make four passes to get a 4' wide bed opened up.

1 comment:

Chandira said...

Aww.. slightly (well, quite!) envious of that.. I have been stuck behind a desk for weeks on end now, and can't wait to smell earth again, and feel it sticking to my boots in big clumps... sigh..