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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Recent Pix

Here are some Pictures I took about 10 days ago when it was cloudy and much cooler

This shows our strawberry patch (the 3 rows under the white row covers) as well as a cold frame full of onions and leeks we direct seeded. You can also see a bit of a failed bed of spinach (the row cover to the right) and a bed full of dormant herbs (which as of the past couple of days has broken dormancy)

A picture looking south showing plow beds in front and tilled beds to the back. we have about 130 beds plowed up so far with another 40 or so to go. Only 30 or beds have beed tilled so far and out of the tilled beds about 20 have been planted. The white tank will be used for the drip irrigation system once we figure out how to fill it with rain water.

A shot facing west showing two hoophouses. The one on the left will be planted with cukes and zukes. The one on the right will get the early tomatoes. In front of the houses is what we have plowed so far.


Joe said...

I'm shopping for a small plow right now and have a question about your plowing technique. In the beds pictured, have you raked the turned sod from the last furrow back into the bed or did you plow the last furrow in the opposite direction?

Maybe you ought to write a post - small-scale bed plowing for dummies - or something like that :)

Lucy said...

My husband does the plowing (as I write this that is what he is doing) So I don't know a lot about what he is doing with plowing. From my observations he is making 3 passes per bed (the beds are 4' wide) lon each in the opposite direction of the last pass. The first pass always kicks the soil into the aisle-way and has to be moved by hand out of the way.

Oh and he is using a 14hp BCS walking tractor with a single bottom plow attachment.

I think I will walk out and get some pictures of the plowing activity and post them later.