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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Todays search term-"tuberculosis deaths raw milk ohio"

A few items I found today about raw milk because some one got to this blog by googling "tuberculosis deaths raw milk ohio" which lead to me doing the same search to see just what google came up with and found many reports on Raw Milk including:

The blog Dvorak Uncensored has a post about Milk being Illegal in Ohio

And than there is the Supplemental Report in favor of raw Milk

Why You Don't Want to Drink Pasturized Milk

What is real milk?

The Campybolactor Blog which you would think would nothing but negative things to say about raw milk is surprisingly neutral and has a lot of recent stories posted on this blog has a lot of recent information on the bill to legalize raw milk sales in Ohio that is pending in the Ohio state house right now.


WestEnder said...

Nice work. I read an LTE in this week's CityBeat about this, and I had no idea this was an issue.

I understand the need to maintain public health, but it seems to me that the simple solution is to require farmers to post a short disclaimer sign about the possible dangers of unpasteurized milk (like cigarette carton warnings).

It would cost a lot less than government regulation, and it doesn't hurt the small farmer.

Lucy said...


your idea of a warning label is elegant and simple but since when has the gummint responded to the simple and elegant solutions.

And to hear them talk about this raw milk issue you would think all dairy farmers are forcing people to drink raw milk and they are not. All they want is to do business freely selling a wholesome product that has been made illegal by the pasturized dairy lobby

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