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Monday, March 20, 2006

%#@@*!% Mice

I am procrastinating about going out to the barn and making soil blocks so I can replant all the seeds a (now dead) mouse ate over the weekend. The little bugger ate the tops off of all but 7 lollo rossa lettuce seedlings and pretty much all of the tomato seeds.

The mouse could not be happy with the 25 pounds of black sunflower seed we have for the wild birds. No, it had to crawl all over the light tables where we start our seedling and eat them as well. I suppose it, like me, has been jonesing for greens. But unlike me it is an uninvited guest (or was). I hope this was the only mouse in the seed starting room.

So now I am off to make a zillion mini soil blocks and than I will fill them with lettuce and tomato seed as well as basil, broccoli and cabbage. Perhaps the best way a person can spend the last few hours of winter, planting seeds.

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