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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Boulder belt Prepping for the World's Longest Yard Sale

The 127 yard sale is taking over our lives for the next couple of weeks. we are participating by renting spaces and setting up to sell produce, water and treasures ranging from a huge stainless steel tank to a hammond organ that basically works to a washer dryer stacking unit to lots of antique canning jars (sans lids) to framed photos, to arrowheads (made by Eugene) to melons to sweet corn to Goddess knows what else.

Plus we have a guy selling dulcimers. A friend selling knives, way cool walking sticks and other items. Another friend will have her hand made glass beads and beadwork. Perhaps we will have a soap maker. Who knows who will show up but you can bet they will have some interesting items.

I am hoping to do some 127 Yard Sale blogging BUT I do not have a laptop nor do I have any kind of wireless access (still in dail-up land). So running in the house to upload photos to the blog and write content may be iffy. Than again it may not we will see.

All I know it this will be a 4 day selling marathon. We are renting out spaces in a primo spot for $10 a day for a 12' x 12' space and we have rented a Port-A-John for the event.

If you are a junque afficanado drive the western Ohio 127 Corridor and see some beautiful country side and spot some great finds

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