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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Things Get Better

The day got a lot better after I wrote that last entry. First off the fridge was an easy fix. We had a professional come out and he looked at he fan and said he could do one of two things. Either he goes into Richmond (IN) and gets us a part and installs it and charges us $100 an hour plus the part or we go and get the part and put it on ourselves. So we say we will do the leg work and he tells us where to buy the part and than we talk with him for about 15 minutes about walk-in coolers and they like and other things and than he leaves and tells us no charge. Way cool. He knows potential work when he sees it since when we do put in a walk in cooler we will need someone to put in the refrigeration for it and it will likely be him all because he treated us very very fairly.

Went and got the part and that trip also allowed us to do some household shopping (something I was wondering when we would be able to do in the next 5 days). The fan cost $5.50 plus tax and Eugene put it in in about 2 minutes and now the fridge runs great. The problem now is it is not big enough for all the produce we obviously need to have on hand to do this farm store bidniss (hence the earlier talk of putting in a walk in. I can see a 15' x 15' cooler is what we need for now).

Opened the store at noon and started what turned into our best sales day thus far. We sold a lot of corn, okay we really did not sell a lot of corn, about 18 dozen which may sound like a lot but I think soon we will be able to sell about 50 dozen on a decent day and perhaps 100 dozen on a good day. We also had a person inquire about renting space for the 127 yard sale and a guy who wants to buy one of our many broken mowers (we have two at the moment taking ups space). Our friend jules came out to buy a dozen ears of corn and check out where she will be setting up her tents for the 127 Yard Sale. She hung out with us for about an hour while we harvested things. It was the first time she had really seen the gardens even though she has been out to the farm several times and she said they looked really impressive (they do). And an added bonus was seeing my friend Marge who recently had heart surgery. She came out to buy produce with another friend of our Lisa and Ann from Seattle whom I had not met before. 3 menopausal hippie chicks-wonderful. It was terrific to see Marge I had missed her presence.

The end of the day took a bit of a down turn as I had to deal with these huge cabbages and very little fridge space. We did sell enough corn to open up enough for 5 to go in the fridge but the rest had to stay in coolers with ice packs on them. I hope that is enough to keep them from rotting. Rotting cabbage smells pretty gosh durned bad.

And now I am cooking dinner and happy to be done with a day that turned into a much better day than it started out to be.


Andy said...

When life gives you cabbage, make Sour Kraut. Of course, I say this as if you hve time...


Lucy said...

And that's the rub, having time. That, and two or three crocks to ferment the cabbage in.

Chandira said...

Glad it's going better!!

Tana Butler said...

I know so many farmers who have tried to start blogs, but they are simply some of the busiest people in the world. Doing actual work, with their bodies in space, not clacking on a keyboard and crunching numbers.

You have my admiration.

Keep up the good work!