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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Buy Nothing for Christmas

For those of you who want to buy nothing for Christmas click on the picture to find out more. Personally, as I have already said, I will buy a few things for x-mas but they will be locally and naturally made and the bulk of the money spent on this holiday goes to charity. We would all be better off if we did not put so much emphasis on the consumerism of this season and so little on the fact this is one of the big Christian Holy Days. Just think what the Christmas season would be like for millions if they did not pressure themselves to go to malls and Buy, Buy, Buy! They would have far less debt and far less stress and would probably be far happier people.

And why have the Jews never really bought into the consumerism with Chanukah. I mean an 8 day festival should mean a cash cow to the corporations. I guess the Jews are more religious than the Christians and have kept their festival of lights a pretty much purely religious event and not the commercial event Christmas has become. Same with Kwanzaa which is also a multi-day religio-cultural affair and yet it is not a multi-day commercial event.

I guess there are many 'Murkin Christians who are just not very religious and can be swayed easily by bright pretty colors and lights. And the multinational corps such as Wal-Mart, Sears, Old Navy, JC Penny's, The Gap, Nike, LL Bean, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Citibank, etc., would have it no other way. They love it when Americans over spend and go into deep debt for no good reason. Your deep debt equates to their huge profits.



farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Good observation between Hanukah, Kwanza and how christians observe Christmas. I never really thought of that one. We are guilty of purchases---but try and buy things of "real" value. Case in point--my 15 year old son is getting a great wood lathe we bought at a garage sale this summer. I can't wait---I am dreaming of all the wood bowls I might get from him eventually!

Lucy said...

Hey you stayed out of the malls and succeeded in not buying plastic crap made in some 3rd world country by ensaved women and chldren.

You bought local AND used!