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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Rebuttal to NBC's Biased Organic Segment

This is my brother Scott's reply to NBC's segment on organic chicken being more contaminated than conventionally raised without broaching the 1001 other issues we face with agriculture. NBC's simplictic organic has more bacteria according to one small sample and therfore industrial chicken must be better/safer. Anyhoo, my brother's take on this.

Those annoying radiclibs* touting the virtues of vinegar as the answer to clean their libertine filth when we all know they need a bath in Clorox straight up. Now they want you to be nice to an industry that refuses to advertise with you. Unfair! But I'll tell you this much, When the rising price of oil makes the cost of fertilizer and fuel intensive farming, processing and distribution too high for for affordable food, with intrepid reportage such as the Today Show is capable of, we'll hold the course not to invest in local sustainable economies because that would just encourage them to continue not to use your vox populi (a service, that is, by the way, so reasonably priced for the deserving sponsors 'Americans need to hear most' (TM) and so sugared with compelling socially conscious programming).

What are they griping about?! Don't they know if the death rate from pesticide induced cancers or infant mortality went down, our population growth would look like Sudans! That's where the the Darfur region is? Hmmm. Well they probably (when they have food at all) are forced to eat organic. This just proves my point. Anyway, it's so boring TV, all those browns and tan, against stark blue skies especially those earnest appeals (yo Mr. Clooney., Whassup with that?) to acknowledge legions of starving innocents stuff makes a mockery of the pleasantness of our (well at least your) world that could be shown instead, it's just about as lame (and unAmerican) as a PSA to eliminate bread from our diet. This is not to mention that conventional farming contributes to the the obesity and neurological conditions
and a host of other maladies manifest from chemical contamination (from ingestion, handling and food chain accumulation from run-off), and lack of nutritional value from vegetables grown in mineral depleted soil, that will also contribute to weed out the weakest and most undesirable to, among other social solutions, give exurbia back to to those McMansion moguls who fought so hard to create it.

It sucks that a only a slightly elevated incidence (from the purest research that I'm sure had no financial incentive to be biased, right?) of bacterial contamination is reported when organic food is compared to conventionally grown. It's time to become motivated and haul out the yuck factor: compost, soiled clothing, manure, and hand painted signs. And they want to do it in your back yard!

I admire your courage in sticking to your corporate bottom-line to maximise
profit by coercing consumers purchasing habits in face of the ever-present
pressures of fairness and truth

Sincerely, Scott Owsley

*(S. Agnew circa 1970)

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