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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Got an email this afternoon form the OEFFA president asking me if Eugene and I would be interested in doing a workshop at the OEFFA Conference on pastured poultry the first weekend of March.

I have no answered her yet as I have not decided if we should or not. We do like giving workshops and have done many on topics such as CSA, season extension using row cover and Hoophouses. I do not believe we have given a conference workshop on pastured poultry though we have done farm tours featuring this topic.

It's been several years since we have given a workshop at an OEFFA conference or been to one for that matter. In the past presenters got free admission and a free meal. I would prefer some payment beyond the free admission and meal (and all other conferences that I have presented workshops at farm Tours have paid, some quite well) but OEFFA is the home team so the get freebies from us.

But the question is do we do a workshop? Whaddya think?

But the question is should we do this?

BTW if you are looking for more information about this conference just click on any of the "OEFFA" links in this post


farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I completely understand why you might not want to do it but I will give you my "for it" comment.
A lot of people out there are "scared" to try anything until they actually see it for the first time and realize that "hey--I think I can do this". It's not that they might not have read the book or magazine about it. They need that little push though. This might be their little push and though it can sometimes be an inconvenience to do things like this isn't that what we are about----trying to get more people to grow and eat local?
So there is my "for it" comment.
How bout them apples :-)

Lucy said...

well Monica my husband and I will be presenting a workshop on pastured/day range poultry March 3rd. i hope we will not be competeing with sally Fallon's workshop as i would like to go to that and once I did a CSA workshop at a conference that had Joel Salatin as a keynote speaker (and Sally Fallon too) and he did a workshop at the same time as mine. I believe 3 people other than the CSA panel and the moderator showed up for that workshop. Everyone else was at Salatin's workshop. Hard to compete with famous people.

Lucy said...

Looks like now I will not be doing the workshop. It seems since I last did one at this conference they changed their compensation to basically nothing. My husband and i do this workshop together but they are willing to give only one of us a free admission to the conference and they used to buy the presenters a meal, no more.

I am not willing to give my time and expertise for free