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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Small World

A couple of weeks ago regular readers of this blog know that we had our signage partially wiped out. The 6' portable sign was rendered scrap metal and broken plastic by a pick-up doing an uncontrolled power slide a few hours before dawn (that had to be an eye opener).

Since than we have had the property damage assesor out and she declared we had around $550 worth of damage from the accident. She felt the portable sign was worth $350 and the other damage around $200. The next step is getting a check from Safe Auto which will likely take a couple of phone calls next week.

This past Saturday after we got back from the farmers market (3rd Saturday of the month we do the Oxford Winter market) and had settled down to eat some lunch we got a knock on the door. It was Mickey the guy who sold us our plastic, yellow portable sign last June. Eugene had called him a few days earlier to see about getting a replacement and here he was ready to replace our sign.

We had talked about getting an additional 4' sign to put down in the valley the day before and the idea still seemed to be a good one so we told Mickey we would like two signs and he said okay and pulled a 6 footer and a 4 footer out of his van and than handed us 2 boxes of letters for the signs. We now have 3 boxes of letters (sans 1 "M" that got wasted in the accident). 2 have black letters and one has red letters-woo hoo! All for under $500.

After making the sale we got to talking to Mickey and he mentioned he had just been to Northern Michigan a few months ago. I asked where not expecting the answer to be Standish. And he was not expecting a woman born and raised in SW Ohio to know where the hell Standish, MI was. I said "Wow, my Dad lives there, well not Standish but Au Gres" We were both delighted to know we had Arenac county in common with each other and we both started rattling off town names-Omer (Michigan's smallest City), West Branch, Pinconning, AuGres, Point Lookout, The Singing Bridge, East Tawas (okay the last two places are in Iosco County). It turns out Mickey was born in Standish but left when he was around 17 due to women troubles and a need to grow up. This got him to SW Ohio and eventually making portable signs.

Small world I must say.

After talking about my favorite part of Michigan we showed him our store and started talking about organic foods and farming and by the time he left 2 hours later he was convince that organic food was the way to go. This is a conservative Bush (as in GW Bush... ) luvin' redneck who recently has realized that the food at Wal-Mart sucks and we had the opportunity to sway his mind in a good direction and took that opportunity.

You just never know....

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